Finding a balance between clean and eco-friendly can be a challenge.

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Carpet can hide as much as a pound of soil per square foot. Dirt is abrasive, so as it works its way down carpet fibers, it damages those fibers, causing carpet to look worn. Keeping carpets clean helps prolong the life of the carpet, as well as making the house feel fresh and ready for an impromptu movie-night marathon on the living room floor.

But finding a balance between clean and eco-friendly can be a challenge. We answer some common questions about green cleaning methods.

Q: Does green cleaning really get things as clean as traditional cleaners?

A: Yes. Green cleaning relies on the same basic methods that use traditional chemicals. The difference is that with eco-friendly techniques, the cleaning supplies come from natural sources, such as fruits and vegetables. Many green-certified carpet cleaning solutions offer special stain removers and pet odor formulas, just like their traditional chemical counterparts.

Q: Are all products and services labeled “green” safe for my family?

A: No, each must be evaluated for safety. Any product or service can use the term “green” without it having any specific meaning. Look for the Green Seal. Launched in 1989, the Green Seal can be found on eco-friendly paints, cleaning products, paper products and more. They offer third-party certification for products that meet their criteria for safety.

Q: Why should I use green carpet cleaning?

A: Many traditional carpet cleaners use chemicals like perchloroethylene or naphthalene, both of which have been linked to health problems in humans and pets. Today’s homes are more airtight than ever, thanks to better building materials and insulation. This is great for energy conservation, but also means that allergens and airborne bacteria in the home are likely to settle into carpet and upholstered surfaces. Traditional cleaning solutions remove these contaminants, but may leave behind chemicals instead. Green-certified cleaners can remove dirt without leaving chemical residue.

Q: Are green cleaning methods really good for the environment?

A: Yes, when truly “green” methods, products and services are used, indoor air quality is improved, and there are no harmful chemicals released into wastewater.

Some carpet cleaning companies rely on the power of water to get carpets clean without chemicals. PureClean, a carpet cleaning company base out of Woodinville, uses deionized water to remove dirt and bacteria from carpets.

“Since the ’70s, carpets have been cleaned the exact same way,“ says Ben Surdi, owner of PureClean.  “We knew we needed to create an alternative to that.”

PureClean’s mission is to give every customer the most outstanding experience they’ve ever had, as well as the healthiest home they’ve ever had. Our Ultra Pure Water™ technology allows us to clean and restore surfaces without using detergents or harsh chemicals.