With events and activities offered and professionally conducted onsite six days each week, the staff at Marvelle Southcenter knew they would need a skilled coordinator to oversee it all.

So the Tukwila active-adult community brought a full-time lifestyle coordinator aboard to concentrate on the work of creating an extraordinary lifestyle experience for every resident. It’s a position that introduces essential vitality into the community atmosphere through planned social events, neighborhood outings, fitness/exercise classes and other activities.

Central to the lifestyle coordinator’s mission is helping every resident maximize their time at Marvelle Southcenter. One day might be focused on games and cooking classes, while the next could consist of a trip to the city followed by an afternoon session in the yoga studio. Creating new avenues for individuals to develop new skills, take on rewarding hobbies, and get to know those with whom they are sharing the Marvelle experience is the ultimate responsibility of the lifestyle coordinator.

Marvelle Southcenter’s dining area

What better way to create a feeling of family and togetherness than through a series of enjoyable, unique, and consistently scheduled events? At Marvelle Southcenter, each event is arranged within the monthly calendar to provide ample variety and plenty of time to prioritize how residents will be spending their days.

Helping to further enrich Marvelle Southcenter’s environment is the community’s Welcome Team. Working alongside and in support of the lifestyle coordinator, the team members, known as welcome ambassadors, will greet each new resident, provide them with a tour of the community, acquaint them with their in-home technology packages, and ensure they feel comfortable with their surroundings. This follows a detailed, one-on-one introduction to the event calendar to get residents thinking about their first activity.


Marvelle Southcenter: Open 9 a.m.–6 p.m. Mondays–Saturdays at 411 Baker Blvd., Tukwila. Prices: $1,491-$3,800/month. Information: 206-973-3601 or marvellesc.com.