Free your favorite pieces from the confines of your jewelry box.

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Jewelry is fun to shop for, and fancy special occasion pieces frequently catch our eye. We tend to only break out these pieces when, well, there’s a special occasion that requires dressing up in our best attire. But there’s no reason to let your favorite pieces sit in your jewelry box until there’s a party or formal event to attend.

Zoey Mann, president of Fox’s Seattle, and Justine Nickle, the buyer at the jewelry store, explain why (and how) we can wear a special occasion piece every single day of the week, from the workplace to weekend brunch with friends.

Workplace business attire

If your workplace dress code requires you to dress in polished suits and blouses, it’s easy to feel somewhat stifled and as though it’s impossible to express your personality through your clothing. That’s why Mann and Nickle recommend accessorizing with a funky, unique cuff bracelet or bangle. It won’t make your outfit look any less professional, but it will allow you to add some color, flair and personality to your look.

Casual Friday

Who doesn’t love casual Friday? Winding down the work week in a comfier, more laid-back outfit is always a welcome Friday treat. Of course, the look still needs to be professional but you can add some personality with a large, colored-gemstone dangle earring. It’s the perfect piece as you transition from the work week to the weekend.

Jeans and a T-shirt

“Jeans and a T-shirt is a really easy outfit to pair with something that’s super formal,” Mann and Nickle say. Because the outfit itself is so casual, adding a formal piece of jewelry like pearls gives the look an unexpected, stylish twist. If you pair your formal jewelry with a business suit, it can create a look that’s a little too formal — but jeans and a T-shirt with a strand of pearls instantly elevates a casual outfit without sacrificing that fun, youthful vibe.

A popular trend with pearls right now is to make them more casual by layering them on. “Wear short and long strands in a haphazard way,” Mann and Nickle suggest. “It’s not about being polished; it’s about piling them on.” They also recommend adding a leather jacket to this outfit because draping pearls with jeans and leather jackets makes for a great look.

Brunch with a friend

When you’re getting dressed for weekend brunch with a friend, Mann and Nickle favor stacking rings, fun option because you can mix and match metals to create a unique look that suits you. Plus, this is a fun jewelry item that you and your friend can play with while you’re sipping mimosas — who doesn’t love trying on other people’s jewelry?

Running errands

Most of us go for comfort when we’re running around town doing errands, and rustic diamonds are the perfect accessory for this activity. “They’re not flashy; they’re more organic looking,” Mann and Nickle explain. “It’s a cool, very casual look that you can wear with yoga pants and a sweatshirt while you’re doing errands.”

Because diamonds are the hardest gemstone, they’re perfect for clomping around and you don’t have to worry about damaging them as you go about your routine. Rustic diamonds are a fun addition to an “errands” outfit and they won’t look out of place because they’re not high-polished. Rather, they add a rustic beautiful element to your look. There’s no reason not to feel at least a little fancy while you’re doing mundane chores, right?

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