A whole range of products allows you to manage appliances and devices in your house efficiently, even when you aren’t there.

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If when you hear the term “smart home” you still picture some kind sentient house as part of a “Jetsons”-esque future, it may be time to upgrade your understanding. You probably already have a smart home device and you might not even know it! These days smart home technology covers a whole range of products that can allow you to manage appliances and devices in your house efficiently, even when you aren’t there. Some work as a suite of products so that they can all work together for even more efficiency and ease. No idea where to start? No worries. Here are a few steps you can take to get your home working in a whole new way, so you have more time to enjoy life – whether you’re home, or not.

Try installing smart plugs

When you install smart plugs in your home, you can help cut back on that dreadful feeling of “did I forget to turn off the toaster/iron, etc.” once you’ve already left the house. Smart plugs fit right into your original outlet and then hook up via Wi-Fi to an app on your phone or other device so you can monitor any particular outlet and turn on or off any appliance plugged into that outlet even if you aren’t home.

Get wireless sensors for your windows and doors

Sensors for your windows and doors are an easy way to give you peace of mind if you’re gone for the day or even for a long vacation. They also can help you manage your appliances, heat and air with how you live most efficiently. Hive window or door sensors and Hive motion sensors are small, easy to install and connected to the Hive Hub so you can monitor any door or window openings or closings right from the app. You can easily make sure things are safe and sound at home while you’re not there by getting an alert every time a window or door opens. You also can use these handy devices along with other Hive products so that the air conditioning turns off if your windows open, or your lights and appliances turn off the second the door closes in the morning.

Switch out your light bulbs

Yes, even your light bulbs can be “smart” now. If you replace your bulbs with smart versions you can forget having to get out of bed or off the couch to turn off the light by setting up schedules you can manage with an app. Win-win! This is an especially fun move toward turning your home into a smart one. You can also get lights that change color to fit the time of day, set mood lighting to kick in at certain times or for special occasions.

Find a thermostat that you can adjust from your phone

Get a warm (or cool) welcome home with a smart thermostat. Most smart thermostats will allow you to set heating and cooling schedules so your home never needs to heat up or cool down unnecessarily, like if no one is home. And you can adjust the temperature remotely, so it’s comfortable by the time you return home. A smart thermostat like the one offered through the Hive Welcome Home Plans allows you to create different heating zones throughout your home, so your heating or cooling is only on if you need it to be.

Set up your smart home easily with a Hive smart home plan. Each plan includes a set of smart home products like a thermostat, lightbulbs, plugs, sensors and a camera – all without any upfront costs. Visit the Hive website today and choose the plan that best fits your home!