Changing up jewelry can be a fun way to add something extra and unexpected to any look.

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If we’re asked to describe our sense of style in one or two words, most of us can sum it up pretty easily. Some women stick with the tried-and-true classics, others express their artsy side through a bohemian look, and then there are those of us who couldn’t possibly be happier that athleisure has become stylish because comfort is the name of the game in our worlds.

It’s only natural that we choose accessories and jewelry that match the style of clothes we wear. After all, we know what we like so why mess with perfection? But changing up our jewelry can be a fun way to add something extra and unexpected to our look. If you’re ready to venture outside your comfort zone but aren’t sure where to start, Justine Nickle, buyer at Fox’s Seattle, has some tips.


If you love your polo shirts, argyle sweaters, blazers, and button-downs, chances are you have at least one pearl necklace in your jewelry box. Pearls are arguably the most classic jewelry item you can buy.

“Change up your look by piling on more pearls to make the look more undone, or go in a completely different direction by trying natural black pearls or golden pearls,” Nickle suggests. You could also look for a long pendant with a dramatic or unusually shaped baroque pearl.


If you live in athleisure, you may not be wearing much jewelry at all — perhaps just simple stud earrings or a silicone ring. You can step it up a notch and keep your look casual with sturdy hammered sterling silver rings, sleek bar earrings, or a fun mix of casual bangles. The key is to keep it simple and looking spontaneous.


If you have an artistic bent, you probably love handmade, unique jewelry. Nickle suggests looking for 18-karat gold pieces that have been handmade in the United States using artisan techniques like hand-hammering and hand-engraving. “Pieces with one-of-a-kind gemstones ensure that no one will be wearing the same thing,” she says.


Your wardrobe is full of black and don’t worry — we’re not telling you to go out and buy bright pink jewelry to change it up, because that’s just not you. Instead, Nickle says you can keep it going with rustic diamonds and oxidized sterling silver jewelry.

“Add some unexpected warmth with natural autumn-colored diamonds, or go for a bold look with a one-of-a-kind cuff bracelet with dramatic raw diamond cubes,” she suggests.


Women who embrace a feminine or romantic style often love pink — so keep the rose-colored glasses on by accentuating your look with jewelry like face-framing dangling earrings and long necklaces in pretty pink morganite and gleaming moonstone. “Rose gold looks soft and lovely on almost every skin tone,” Nickle says.


Minimalists typically accentuate their outfits with small, dainty pieces like stud earrings, pendants and thin bands. Nickle suggests expanding on this style by stacking your bands and layering your pendants. “When the jewelry is delicate, stacking won’t be overwhelming,” she assures, adding that it can be fun to experiment with different metal colors and to even try mixing metals.


Trends are always changing, but statement pieces never go out of style. Nickle recommends chunky rings with an unusual gemstone in a favorite color (or in the color of the moment) as a great way to get noticed. There’s also the option of a dramatic cuff bracelet or a long gemstone tassel necklace, which Nickle says will really turn heads.

Fox’s Seattle has been has been providing custom and designer jewelry in Seattle since 1912. We offer classic, contemporary and vintage pieces, and are known for unexpected treasures and one-of-a-kind gems.