Certificates are hands-on, competency-based programs designed by industry professionals.

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Did you know one of the hottest professional development certificates is in the field of web development? Certificates are hands-on, competency-based programs designed by industry professionals to provide students with the fundamental skills required in the field of web development.

Who should take the certificate?

Are you looking for a career change or would you like to equip yourself with in-demand job skills for the 21st century? Building websites using HTML, CSS and JavaScript is a skill needed in every industry, giving you flexibility in the job market. The skills you learn in a web development certificate program will give you a competitive advantage.

How long do certificate programs take?

Most web development certificates take anywhere from 10 to 12 months, depending on the program.

What are the requirements for a web development certificate?

Each program has its own requirements, so be sure to check those before applying. As far as technology requirements, most programs do require that you have your own laptop.

Is the certificate offered online or in person?

Some programs offer fully online courses, all in-person or in a blended format of in-person and online classes. Either mode of delivery has benefits and drawbacks. The best programs will have advisers who will help you figure out which option might be best for your specific goals and work/life situation.

Who teaches the classes in a certificate program?

Most programs offer classes taught by industry professionals who have real-world experience to share with students. The web development industry changes fast, so look for instructors with real (and recent) work experience in the field.

What does a web development certificate cost?

Price varies from program to program with a wide variety of factors. If you take a course from an accredited university, oftentimes you can obtain federal financial aid or use VA benefits (the GI Bill) to help pay the cost of a certificate program.  In addition to asking about the cost and topics covered, make sure to ask about professional development, career services, what percentage of students who start the program actually finish, and the program’s job-placement rate. It is worth paying a little more to ensure that you are receiving solid career advice and assistance developing your interview skills and portfolio.

Why a web development certificate?

Web development is a field that is just going to keep growing. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates job growth in this field at 27 percent from 2014-2024, which is significantly higher than the average for all occupations. This growth is fueled by increases in ecommerce and use of mobile devices. Web developer salaries in Washington state range from $45,000 to $137,580.

Does a web development certificate program offer career advising?

Career advising is a common offering among web development certificates and often can include dedicated staff and services to help you reach your career goals. Common industries hiring web developers are IT, finance, marketing, insurance, education, government, nonprofit and retail. Some common job titles for people with web development certificates are programmer, software engineer, developer, web architect and web developer.

Are there any networking opportunities in a web development certificate program?

Ask about networking opportunities. Look for programs that have built in ways for you to connect with instructors, peers and industry professionals who may be helpful as you advance in your career. Another tip is to check out local meetups, a great way to meet and network with people in your industry.

Who is successful in a web development certificate program?

While different programs have different requirements, most program facilitators understand that a web development certificate program could be a complete career change for some participants. There is no magic to coding, and anyone who can write and follow a set of directions can learn to code. If you are an avid chef, tailor, carpenter, or crafter, then you are probably creating and following algorithms without realizing it.

For Luke Green, earning a web development certificate was a total game changer.

“I had been exploring ways to change careers for about a year when I made the decision to enroll,” Green says. “Roughly 15 months later, I find myself in a brand-new role at Seattle-based start-up, PicoBrew, Inc., where I am serving as UI/UX Program Manager.  The certificate program helped me become conversant in technologies that allow me to fulfill an important cross-functional role at a rapidly growing company.  My instructors in the program also instilled me with the confidence to really put myself out there during my job search. ”

While all programs are different, a web development certificate program can facilitate a complete career change and provide you with a completely new skill set. Many programs are designed with adult students who are working professionals in mind, so you are sure to find a program that works for you.

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