Finding the right builder helps manage expenses, time and unnecessary stress.

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 Building a new custom home can seem like a daunting task, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Avoid these five mistakes for a less stressful, more enjoyable home-building experience.

  1. Choosing a builder based on the lowest cost per square foot

Many people try to find ways to cut costs when building a custom home, but that can hurt you in the long run. Look for the best cost for the value of your home. Find a builder that uses above industry-standard materials and has good relationships with their vendors, which will allow them to save on high-quality materials and pass those savings on to you.

Cost per square foot is not an apples-to-apples comparison. There are infinite selections available for your home. Make sure you know what you are getting from your builder for the price. Inadequate allowances are the culprit of budget overruns.

  1. Choosing a builder without a customer care team

No home is going to be perfect. Even a brand-new, expertly built custom home is going to have nail pops, squeaky floorboards and other small issues from time to time. When selecting a builder for your custom home, it’s important to make sure they will be there for you long after construction, when you need help with the touchups and fixes. Bonus points for builders who have a dedicated Customer Care team whose sole responsibility is attending to their homes post-construction.

  1. Choosing a builder without an in-house interior design team

There are thousands, if not millions, of items to select in a custom home. Everything from door handles to faucets to paint colors and beyond, which can be a daunting responsibility to take on by yourself. Sure, you can hire an outside designer to help you make selections for your custom home, but it is a huge bonus to have a builder who provides that service for you, helping to give your home a cohesive look and feel without breaking the bank.

  1. Selecting a builder without ever walking through one of their homes

Pictures are nice, but you can’t get a real sense of what a home is going to look and feel like until you can walk through and feel yourself in the space. Builders with dedicated model homes allow you to experience firsthand the paint colors, countertops, floor plans and finishes. This will give you a better sense of the builder’s style and aesthetic, to see if it matches what you are looking for in a custom home.

  1. Designing your home before considering your builder

Many people start their custom-home journey by hiring an architect to design their dream home. What they don’t realize is a builder can add a lot of value by making sure that your plans are being designed within your budget. Many builders have plans in their portfolio to choose from, making it beneficial to first pick a builder that matches the style you are looking for in a custom home. If you end up designing a plan from scratch, minimize sticker shock by involving your builder from the start so they can partner with your architect to monitor construction costs and value engineer your plans.

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