Gardening is a good physical activity, particularly for aging adults. The light bending and squatting of planting and stretching to pull weeds builds strength while increasing mobility. Because it gets the body moving, gardening can also count towards the recommended 30 minutes of daily exercise, which can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Getting “garden dirty” can be an excellent way to improve the mental and physical health of aging adults. At the communities built by Wesley Homes, residents enjoy the beauty of growing flowers and the bounty of harvesting vegetables without the hassle of mowing grass or taking care of a yard. Who knew growing broccoli had a plethora of health benefits?

Gardening may also boost brain health. The physical demands of gardening and the critical-thinking skills needed to decide what to plant and how to take care of those plants may have an impact on reducing the chances of developing dementia.

Soaking up some sunshine while creating a beautiful space to relax reduces stress, increases cortisol, can reduce high blood pressure and helps us soak up vitamin D, which is important for maintaining healthy bones.

Wesley Homes offers landscaping and gardening opportunities at its Des Moines, Lea Hill and Bradley Park campuses. Opening in early 2021, Wesley at Tehaleh in Bonney Lake will also feature resident gardens and landscaped walking trails. Residents will enjoy strolling the lush gardens filled with ornamental flowers and sprouting veggies while connecting with neighbors.

For smaller spaces, container gardening has endless possibilities. Wesley’s apartments feature private patios or balconies, which are perfect for growing strawberries, vegetables and flowers right outside the door.

Residents who choose Wesley at Tehaleh will have options for walks along landscaped trails on campus and hikes in nearby parks. For garden lovers or those who simply enjoy the outdoors, Wesley has a community to fit their lifestyle.


Wesley at Tehaleh: Open by appointment at 17702 Cascadia Blvd. E., Bonney Lake. Information: 206-466-2720 or