10 items to pack or prep so you’ll be ready to enjoy whatever adventure you find around the corner.

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The end of summer doesn’t have to mean the end of exploring the beautiful natural places in the Seattle area. But here in the Pacific Northwest you’ll likely be facing a different — likely far more rainy — set of circumstances if you’re planning to take your outdoors exploration into the autumn and beyond. Never fear, however. If you prepare, by making sure you pack up the following items into your car or truck before heading out, you’ll be able to enjoy whatever adventure you find around the corner.

  1. Umbrella

Don’t be afraid of being called a non-Seattle native. Throw an umbrella in the car in case you get caught in a downpour and want to keep you, and your stuff, dry.

  1. Drinking water

You’d never forget your drinking water if you were planning a sunny summer outing, so why leave it behind just because it’s not hot out? Hiking around, even in the colder temperatures and rain, can be dehydrating, so water is still a must. Bring enough for your outing and some extra to have on hand in case of emergency.

  1. Mini camp stove and canned food

Fall can be one of the best times of year to go for an extended outing, so pack a picnic and make a day or even overnight camping trip out of it. With the colder weather, a warm meal will taste even better in the great outdoors, so go ahead and pack that camp stove and some canned food, to warm you up during a day outside.

  1. Dry change of clothes

During the fall here in the Northwest, rain showers can pass through unexpectedly. If you don’t want to risk riding home or spending your day exploring outside in damp clothes, be sure to stock your vehicle with a set of something dry to change into and even an extra jacket to make sure you stay comfortable and warm before, during and after your adventure.

  1. Waterproof socks

Don’t forget to consider your socks! Your feet can be some of the first parts of your body to get wet and the last to dry while running around outside. Pack waterproof socks to keep your feet ready for exploring all day, no matter the weather or trail conditions.

  1. Headlamp and extra batteries

The fall can be a great time to hit the trails with fewer people out and cooler temperatures, but in exchange you have to race the sun, which will start setting earlier and earlier. Remember your headlamp — and extra batteries! — when you head out so you can always find your way back to your ride.

  1. Hand towel

You don’t want to get back from a great day exploring only to track the whole outdoors into your prized car or truck. Keep a hand towel handy to wipe off the worst of it before you pack it in for the ride home. You’ll thank us later when you’re not spending next weekend vacuuming the forest floor off your floor mats.

  1. Waterproof backpack

There’s nothing worse than finding out the hard way that all the stuff you carefully packed for your day out ended up a sopping mess when that rain shower passed through. Keep the important things you took along for your adventuring safe and dry with a waterproof pack.

  1. Vitamin D supplement

Falls in the Northwest are beautiful in their own right, but they’ll usually give you a bigger dose of H2O and gray skies than sunshine. So, even if you’re spending time outdoors, a Vitamin D supplement can be a good idea in these parts in the fall and winter times if you want to stay healthy enough to keep exploring for years to come!

  1. Good tires

Last but not least, with the rainier weather comes slicker roads. Whether you’re set on exploring our region on paved roads or dirt trails, don’t head out without making sure you have the best tires on your vehicle for the kind of driving you’ll be doing.

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