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Here’s a stop-by-stop guide to eight days of exploring Washington’s farmlands, rainforests, historic city squares and spectacular natural features.

The best winter storm-watching combines lashing rain, high winds, monstrous whitecaps — and a warm and/or safe place to view the action at a distance.

While we may not have Whistler, snow can run as late as mid-April for early-spring skiing in some areas.

Summer camping can be stressful, from securing reservations to overcrowded campgrounds, but camping offseason presents its own set of challenges. Luckily, a range of public and private outdoors-ish options await the intrepid and timid alike. 

Explore a region where megafloods of lava and water created bizarre rock formations, sheared plateaus, carved deep channels and still emit a formidable, quiet power.

This narrow peninsula juts into the Pacific just across the border from Oregon and offers affordable family fun and sandy beaches.

The area’s aesthetic appeal, burgeoning foodie culture, youthful shops and gorgeous backdrop make this a worthwhile trip, even for skeptics.

If settled into a cozy vacation cottage in or near a well-planned place like Seabrook, there’s plenty for a family to do no matter the temperature.

Here’s a roundup of waterfalls across the state, from Eastern Washington’s arid mesas to the Olympic Peninsula’s lush rainforests.