There is no question that COVID-19 has affected the way we think about our work, our social lives and our health. As shipments of the vaccine arrive in the Seattle area, many communities, including Murano Senior Living, are anxious to distribute the first doses to their residents.

Based on recommendations from the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, the CDC has recommended that residents of long-term care communities be included in the first supply. Health care personnel are also among those being offered first doses. This means both residents and all staff at Murano Senior Living will be among the first to receive vaccinations.

As a newer, innovative community, one of the benefits Murano Senior Living has experienced is the large common areas and unique spaces that have allowed social distancing with fewer residents than a community that is occupied near capacity.

The ability to contract trace with more accuracy, combined with protocols that can be followed without isolating residents, has worked well in preventing the spread of COVID-19. While some seniors have been reluctant to move into a long-term care community, access to the vaccine and the benefits of participation may outweigh the mental effect of isolation and lack of social engagement.

Murano Senior Living will work hand-in-hand with its parent company, Leisure Care, to set up the CVS vaccination clinics. The company will continue to educate staff and residents during this process.

Leisure Care developed its own COVID-19 task force and remains diligent in providing logistical solutions to help its communities navigate through each challenging process. The task force enabled its communities to get priority access to testing, abundant PPE supplies, electrostatic sanitation sprayers and air-filtration systems.

With limited public knowledge about the COVID-19 vaccine, Murano Senior Living has established a partnership with 6M Geriatrics & Hospital Medicine to help educate the Seattle community and the patients they care for. The specialized team of geriatric physicians, nurses and clinical professionals is intended to offer congruent and comprehensive senior care with on-site services at Murano Senior Living. With oversight from 6M physicians and psychiatrists, the emotional and physical well-being of the residents will continue to be a top priority as the vaccine clinics become operational.

Dr. Damilola Oluyitan, the medical director of 6M Geriatrics, will be hosting a webinar on Jan. 20 to discuss the COVID-19 vaccine and its risks and benefits. She will also explain how the vaccine will be monitored ongoing for safety and any adverse effects.

“I can help answer questions so that individuals can make an informed choice on how best to protect themselves and their loved ones,” Oluyitan says.

Leaders at Murano Senior Living say they are looking forward to the additional protection that will be offered by the vaccine for residents and staff in the community, along with the specialized oversight from Leisure Care and 6M Geriatrics.

To sign-up for the COVID-19 vaccination webinar on Jan. 20 or to learn about other events, such as an upcoming “Dementia and Care Transition” panel talk, visit or call 206-202-4620.


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