If you walk into a cannabis dispensary and are overwhelmed by all the options, you’re not alone. From edibles to tinctures to bath bombs, CBD and THC products abound. Then of course there’s the matter of the desired effect, which will greatly influence the amounts and ratios of CBD and THC in your purchases. In order to truly embrace cannabis this holiday season, we asked budtenders for their advice on everything from what to serve at a holiday party to gift recommendations for everyone on your list.

What to serve at a holiday party

Hosting a holiday party or gathering and looking to add cannabis to the mix? Raeanna, a budtender at Uncle Ike’s in the Central District, says it depends on who is on the guest list. “If your group is full of people who like to keep it low key, then I’d recommend an edible or drink,” she advises. For a group that’s 420-friendly, Raeanna suggests a disposable vape for its convenience.

Blair, a shift lead at Uncle Ike’s, adds the important caveat to use products that are within both your and your guests’ comfort zones. “If you’re able to smoke, I’d suggest a strain that’s mood boosting and social,” she says. When you go shopping, ask the budtender for recommendations of a strain that has these qualities. If you or anyone partaking is a novice, Blair cautions against using edibles at a party.

“It’s easy to underestimate the strength and duration of this type of high,” she explains. “I always tell my customers less is more, until you feel more comfortable with your dosages.”

What to use when the holiday stress hits

As the saying goes, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. However the holiday season can also be one of the most stressful times of the year, and many people find that cannabis can provide some much-needed stress relief. Matt, a shift lead at Uncle Ike’s, says that smoking an indica hybrid helps with general stress but doesn’t leave you feeling the sedative effects of a pure indica — so you can still get those gifts wrapped and cookies baked. He also cautions against using anything that leans toward sativa. “[It] could intensify the stress you’re feeling, leaving you tense and angsty,” he says.

Both Raeanna and Blair sing the praises of bath bombs. “My idea of a perfect stress-relieving evening is grabbing a 100 mg drink and a one-to-one bath bomb,” says Raeanna. Blair notes that an infused bath bomb kicks your standard bath up about 10 notches. Since baths are already a popular way to destress, boosting the stress-release factor even more is certainly appealing!

What to take for relaxation

After a packed day of holiday shopping or a marathon family gathering, you’ll probably find yourself craving an evening to just kick back and relax. For purely relaxation purposes, Blair says never underestimate a one-to-one ratio of CBD and THC. “We call it the entourage effect,” she says. “Your mood will change when these cannabinoids work together to give you an ideal feeling of Zen.”

Both Raeanna and Matt also favor a one-to-one when they’re looking to relax. They also both recommend indica products; Raeanna specifically notes that she enjoys an indica edible on a stressful day, while Matt opts for an indica hybrid. “Indica hybrids can be very relaxing and euphoric without being too sedating,” he says.

Share the marijuana love with gifts for everyone on your list

Finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list can often be a cause of the aforementioned stress. For friends, family members and loved ones ranging from the cannabis curious to seasoned connoisseurs, here are our budtenders’ gift recommendations.

Let’s start with the newbies. Both Raeanna and Matt recommend edibles, prerolls, and joints that have a low THC content. If the giftee loves the THC effect they can always increase the amount the next time they visit a dispensary but it’s best to start with a low quantity as you never know how someone will react — and of course you want a marijuana newcomer to have a pleasant first experience.

On the other end of the spectrum is the cannabis connoisseur in your life. Matt says that it of course depends on their specific preferences, but suggests “a higher-end eighth, something that smokes smoothly and has a good heavy or energetic high.” Another idea is infused blunts, as suggested by Raeanna.

For the people on your list who cherish their relaxing evenings at home, Raeanna says it’s all about the bath bombs, lotions and chocolates.


If you’re shopping for an outdoor enthusiast who also loves marijuana, get them a gift that will make their time outdoors more enjoyable. Matt recommends sativa, which he says will provide that extra boost of energy to get up the mountain. Raeanna suggests caffeinated THC shots or a pack of prerolls in a sturdy case. For the latter, she notes that Huxton has great options complete with matches inside. And in the interest of practicality, Blair reminds us that a dugout for their joints will always come in handy.

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