Everyone has the power to change someone’s life during the holidays.

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Everyone has the power to change someone’s life during the holidays. It doesn’t matter if the gesture is small or large; children and their families in Washington state need a helping hand.

Helping to raise funds during the holiday season to support children and families has been and continues to be a long-standing tradition of many children and family organizations throughout our country’s history.

Founded in 1896, Children’s Home Society of Washington is part of that history. It grew along with a national movement that held the belief children should grow up in loving, caring homes – not orphanages. Now, organizations like CHSW support children as well as their families during the holiday season and year-round in an effort to prevent challenges in the home.

It’s never too early or too late to start teaching children about the importance of giving and helping others. Giving as a family also allows for quality time together.

Here are five ways you can contribute to the success of children and families during the holidays.

  • Box up your family’s gently used (or new) winter clothing or toys. Donate clothing and toys to your local family and children’s agency.
  • Contact your favorite charity and ask for a family’s gift list. Most nonprofits keep lists of items that families are requesting during the holidays, like a Giving Tree.
  • Find a nonprofit’s Amazon.com wish list and select some needed items to purchase. Amazon will ship these items directly to the charity.
  • Give your time and talent. Volunteer at a local agency that serves families.
  • Monetary gifts. Consistent funding can be difficult for organizations and a cash gift can serve families in a variety of ways to help them become more successful.

Making the holidays about giving back and helping the community can have a lasting positive impression on children and the whole family. Get your family and friends involved and have fun.

Children’s Home Society of Washington helps create a solid foundation for today’s children that will lead to prosperity for all of us in the future.