Take your writing to the next level by attending a writing conference.

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It’s easy to get stagnant as a writer. It’s a solitary pursuit – just you and your keyboard or pen and paper day after day. Sometimes you need to change things up to break out of a rut and attending a writing conference is just the ticket.

Writing conferences are a great place to get inspired, which leads to motivation which leads to success, which leads to publication.

Be inspired

It’s hard not to be inspired at a writing conference. You are surrounded by writers from all walks of life who are taking their craft seriously and it shows. You’ll meet folks just starting out, those with a book or two under their belt and others who have a string of successful books to their name. Talk to them. Find out how they got to where they are; ask how they cope with daily distractions or a plot that’s just not working. They’ll tell you.

Get energized

The energy at a writers’ conference is like no other. At the end of a day of workshops, don’t be surprised if you stay up half the night implementing all that you’ve just learned into your writing.

Learn something new. Writing conferences are a great place to learn something new. Where else can you find classes on the craft of writing, marketing your book, how to use social media as author, how to decide whether traditional or indie publishing is right for you and more? Writing conferences offer a robust lineup of classes, all packaged neatly into a three- or four-day window. How efficient.

Network with industry professionals. Agents and editors as well as published authors attend writing conferences, often leading panel discussions on industry trends. More often than not, they are willing to chat with authors about the journey to publication. Don’t be shy. Introduce yourself and ask questions.

Bond with other writers. Perhaps the most magical part of a writing conference is the opportunity to spend time with fellow writers. The practical information that passes from author to author is worth the price of admission. Find a lead on a developmental editor after a casual chat over coffee. Discover a few book cover designers from a a newly met writing acquaintance. Share (or receive!) contact information for agents looking for the kind of story you’re working on. Meet invaluable critique partners. And these professional friendships don’t stop once the conference is over. No indeed. You keep in touch via email, social media and the occasional phone call and of course, catch up in person at the next conference.

Why not make the investment in yourself and your craft? You’ll be glad you did.

The Pacific Northwest Writers Association’s annual conference is September 12 – 15, 2019 at the DoubleTree by Hilton Seattle Airport Fall Registration Flash Sale – conference plus 2 pitch blocks for $350, for current PNWA members. Join PNWA today –  just $65 annually.