DNA testing can uncover the unique way in which each person ages.

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There are many skincare products and services that promise to smooth, tighten, strengthen and firm. It’s a crowded space that can get confusing pretty quickly. Furthermore, a product or service that works brilliantly for someone might not display the same results for another. Why is that? It might just be due to one’s DNA. Now, with genetic testing, we can uncover the unique way in which each person ages.

“You can’t change your genetics,” says Vanessa Henderson, Spa Director at PRO Club. “You’re built the way you’re built. But, if we look at your genetics for skin, we can specifically identify where you’re adept and where you could use support – whether topically, internally or through your lifestyle – to prevent aging.”

Sure, there are some skincare tips that everybody should follow. Henderson encourages people to take advantage of antioxidants that neutralize free radicals and prevent cellular damage. She says you should use topical lotions that contain antioxidants, in addition to eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. She also says using lotions with retinols is important to encourage cellular turnover and production. And, finally, she recommends everyone drink plenty of water to flush out waste.

But beyond that? What does your body specifically need? Genetic testing can give us some answers.

Let’s say, for example, you’re part of the 25 percent of the population who is “Adept” in collagen breakdown. This means your skin is less elastic than others. You’re genetically predisposed to have thinner skin and more wrinkles as you age. Armed with this information, you can take advantage of the topical creams and products, internal support and treatments that are known to help maintain collagen and slow down the aging process.

But your skin’s elasticity isn’t the only knowledge you’ll uncover from your DNA. Here are four categories of genetic testing that can help determine your skin’s future.

Skin aging

This gene provides insight into your skin’s ability to renew and protect itself. Would your skin benefit from extra protection or antioxidant enzymes? How does your diet make you more prone to aging? Is your skin more susceptible to sugar-induced aging?

Skin elasticity

This is where we learn about your skin’s ability to breakdown collagen. Will it be more prone to wrinkles, cellulite and/or stretch marks?

Appearance and skin health

Is your skin itchy, your complexion blotchy, or are you prone to adult acne? This genetic trait will help identify these predispositions and what treatments will work best to improve your appearance.

UV sensitivity

How much protection does your skin actually need, even with SPF? Are you more likely to burn and how does that impact your skincare regimen?

What does your unique genetic profile say about your skin? Are you an overachiever when it comes to collagen preservation? Is your skin especially influenced by sugar consumption? How does living in a sometimes-polluted city impact your skin? What products and services would be best for your skin? These are all questions genetics can help you answer.

Once you’ve received the results of the genetic test, gathered from a simple cheek swab, a skincare professional can help you interpret the results and recommend treatments and products to help slow your aging process.

“We’re always trying to find what will help us age beautifully,” Henderson says. “Genetic testing is a unique way to really identify the most important factors that we need as individuals because my needs are going to be different from yours. It helps to have a road map to target what you need.”

Beyond recommending certain products and treatments, some spas like The Spa at PRO Club can take the information a step further to create customized facials that incorporate chemical peels, microcurrent and topical products targeted to your specific genetic indicators and desired results.

So, stop guessing about that smoothing, tightening, lustrous night cream that rejuvenates, regenerates, and promises a fountain of youth. Instead, get smart about your skincare. Find out exactly what’s in your genetic profile and build an effective skincare regimen that’s unique to you.

PRO Spa Advanced Skin Care physicians, geneticists and health professionals use breakthrough gene science to translate your unique genetic blueprint into actionable programs that are personalized to your body’s specific needs.