The holiday season can be difficult for children who don’t have a permanent home.

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Krista was bounced from house to house in the foster care system for 2,599 days, starting at age 5, looking for a forever home. She was one of six children and had been neglected since birth.

Angel and Travis Kirk had four biological children and their dream was to someday adopt a child to complete their family.

Children’s Home Society of Washington’s history began in 1896 as an adoption provider. Krista is one of the more than 28,000 children adopted through Children’s Home Society of Washington in its more than 120-year history.

Krista’s journey was not an easy one, but since the adoption her parents describe her as more relaxed, less anxious and doing very well.

“Krista, now 12, loves family time and being with her siblings,” Angel says. “We are very happy and grateful for the support we received.”

It’s difficult during the holiday season for children who don’t have a permanent home. If you are interested in supporting children in the foster care system in your community, here are some ways you can help.

  • Consider fostering a child or providing respite. Statewide Foster Parent Recruitment Information Center has more information on how you can foster a child. Giving a foster family an afternoon or weekend off for a moment of rest can be tremendously beneficial.
  • Support your favorite adoption agency. Many private adoption organization need assistance during the holidays. Find a full list at the Northwest Adoption Exchange.
  • Find a nonprofit’s wish list and select needed items to purchase. Amazon will ship these items directly to the charity.

Remember to share with your friends and family about ways to help foster children in their area. Enjoy serving children during the holidays and beyond!

Children’s Home Society of Washington helps create a solid foundation for today’s children that will lead to prosperity for all of us in the future.