Instead of waiting for the 89th Academy Awards to tell us who won and lost in 2016, we decided to put together an awards list of our own: the CDJR Awards.

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2016 was lousy, but you already know this. The election was lousy. Brexit was lousy. Some of our favorite celebrities passed away (including Harambe). Not to mention that planet Earth couldn’t seem to get a day off from natural disasters. Yet here we are in the midst of another award season. And regardless of the terrible, rotten, disgraceful year that 2016 was, somebody has to win something.

But it wasn’t all bad. Betty White is still healthy, and 2016 was another remarkable year for the automotive industry. Cars continued to become reliable, affordable, tech savvy, and just plain cool. Take Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram vehicles, for example – four American brands that not only bleed red, white and blue but serve also as a constant reminder of that can-do American spirit.

Instead of waiting for the 89th Academy Awards to tell us who won and lost in 2016, we decided to put together an awards list of our own: the CDJR Awards. Why? Well, first off, because we’re darn proud of these American-made machines. And second, because we can. So, without further ado, let’s roll out our metaphorical red carpet and start the engines.

Best Actor: 2016 Dodge Challenger

Classic American muscle meets classically handsome. This performance-based vehicle stole the show in 2016. With its technology, power, and performance, the Challenger leads the pack with 10 available bad-to-the bone trim levels. And with the heritage-inspired split grille and aggressive row designs making a comeback in this model, we have the rebirth of an icon. Bravo, Mr. Challenger, bravo.

Best Actress: 2016 Ram 1500

Beauty meets brute. This girl turns heads in the showroom and on the work site. Not exactly sure where to start, but let’s mention that the 1500 was awarded America’s longest-lasting pickup, named a KBB Top 15 family vehicle, and earned the highest owner loyalty of any half-ton pickup. Oh, and let’s not forget its best-in-class fuel economy. This tall drink of water never ceases to amaze.

Best Director: Jeep

For the past 75 years, this iconic brand has served as the automotive voice of adventure, authenticity and passion. Their legendary lineup includes some of the most awarded vehicles to date as it continues to drive industry standards. One great quality that all directors share is the ability to stay in control, and Jeep vehicles continue to command every road they’re on.

Best Picture: 2016 Chrysler 300

The 300 takes us back to a time when V-8 power ruled America’s highways. But the 2016 model is far superior to its forefathers, as its advanced technology complements its classic look. And while this car is beautifully designed inside and out, the 300 is more than just good looking. It’s equipped with up to 363 horsepower, gets up to 31 highway mpg, and is backed by a 4-star Edmunds safety rating. We’re giving the 300 two thumbs up.

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