If you own a truck, you have friends. There’s a good chance it’s because of your truck. Roll with it!

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If you own a truck, you have friends. And while we’d like to attribute your impressive number of friends to your totally awesome personality, there’s a good chance it’s because of your truck. Think about it the next time you’re guilt-tripped into helping someone move. And since helping your “friend” move is about as fun as the first 100 days of this presidency, we took the time to put together a list of fun things you can do with your truck bed.

  1. Tailgate HQ

Having a pickup truck gives you an incredible advantage in any tailgate situation. Whether it’s a college basketball game or Chainsmokers concert, a truck bed transforms into a party sleigh. Throw a couch in there, hook up a big screen, grill on the tailgate and blast some music. Do so and your tailgate will compete with the event itself. I’m getting pumped up just thinking about it.

  1. Hay, Why Not?

Fill the truck bed with haystacks and hit the road. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a cornfield or trail to hit as long as you establish an unbeatable fall ambience. I’m talking about some hot mulled cider, pumpkin-flavored treats and good music. Score some extra credit with a guitar or banjo on board. Not a bad idea if you have kids or are looking to make some extra fall cash.

  1. ZZZzzzzzz

Work. Work. Work. If you have a truck, chances are you’re always using it for work. Well, how about a chance to chill in your work machine?  Introducing the Jammock, a hammock for your truck. Essentially this sturdy, flexible material hangs from the four corners of your bed and serves as the ultimate mobile chill spot. Once you’ve found the perfect stopping point, just climb on top and catch some Z’s, man.

  1. Smile and Wave

If you’re into parades, a truck can be your best friend. Nothing like a homemade float, am I right? Few things are more exciting than creativity and budget working together to create magic. So go ahead, run for local office, join a beauty pageant, or get involved in your town’s New Year’s celebration. Start your own annual march if you want! If you have a pickup truck, you have a parade float.

  1. Camper’s Delight

Unless you’re Lewis or Clark, you probably don’t like sleeping on the ground when you camp. Check these truck tents out. Truck tents fit inside your bed and provide the perfect elevated outdoor sleeping surface. Enjoy a little civilization with your travels and say goodnight creepy crawlers.

  1. Pickup Picnic

Wish you had a portable picnic table? How about a mobile bar? Since you answered yes to both, I’m here to tell you that you’re in luck. Cut a piece of plywood about 2 feet wide and the length of your truck. Attach two support pieces that run underneath the wood and over the bed’s ledge. Hook them inside your bed and voilà!  It works exactly like a towel rack for your closet door, but instead of holding towels, it holds entire meals. Cheers.

  1. Pool? That’s Cool.

Step 1: Get an oversized tarp.

Step 2: Line your truck bed with the tarp.

Step 3: Fill that bad boy up with water.

Congratulations, you can now bring a swimming pool to any drivable function. Hurry up – it’s your turn to be the coolest guy in the parking lot. Just note that water is heavy, so limit the number of people in there at one time.

P.S: Try not to use it as an outdoor bath. No one wants to see that.

  1. Red Light, Green Light, Limelight.

Do you play an instrument? Do you like to perform? Well, if you own a truck, you own a stage. Park your truck in any legal spot and start jamming. If your awesome music doesn’t draw a crowd, the sheer height of the bed will. Fair warning: You’re gonna get a lot of “Freebird” requests.

  1. Dude, Nice Cooler.

Ice. Beer. Boom. This one’s easy: Fill your bed with as much ice as possible and toss drinks in there. You now have the largest cooler at the tailgate, making you the weekend’s MVP. Good for you, friend.

  1. Human Kite

Yes, the headline is correct. If you’re into hang gliding and own a truck, do yourself a favor and combine the two. Safely attach the hang glider to a harness on the back of your truck. Once installed, gear up and get ready. Have the driver go down an open road until you reach a desired speed. Once you’re there, eject yourself into the air and fly, baby, fly!

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