Seattle Prep students Baxter Black and Milo Cantor knew the movie they wanted to make when they saw a golden cape in the prop room at the school.

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39th in an occasional series

Arch-villain Cory LeeWays’ directions were very specific.

“If you’re going to get ketchup on me, just get it on my chest.”

Turns out Heinz’s condiment makes a great substitute for blood.

It’s the climactic scene in this spoof of the 1974 James Bond movie “The Man With the Golden Gun” by one team in an advanced video class at Seattle Prep.

Directors Baxter Black and Milo Cantor, who play heroes 006 and 007, knew the movie they wanted to make when they saw the golden cape in the prop room at the school.

The villain is defined by his golden cape, white hat and gold gun.

The heroes have the biggest roles and the most screen time, but LeeWays says he has the best role, the “most fun role to play.”

Making a 40-minute film is serious work for these possible future Scorseses, Spielbergs or Eastwoods, all filmmakers they’ve studied and admire.

They’re learning camera angles and lightning from instructor Adam Othman, who says, “They’re learning how to make their story come to life.”

What’s homework becomes anything but.

The students spend weekends and evenings filming before the directors tackle editing.

The team is all business as they do the final take — in one take, as Eastwood is known for, being prepared and working with an economy of shoots.

LeeWays is sprawled against the wall. Having failed to destroy the agents, he’s lost the battle. They’ve shot his henchmen and now him. As Black says, “The arch villain always has to die.”

That’s a wrap.

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