Each week, we highlight some of the most interesting or insightful reader comments on recent Seattle Times articles. Excerpts have been lightly edited for spelling, grammar and punctuation.

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‘I wasn’t planning this’: In likely final season with Mariners, Felix Hernandez ponders uncertain future

“The key words here are, ‘I didn’t see this coming.’ That, Mr. Hernandez, is the problem. You should have seen it coming and learned to adjust. Then, people, and you, wouldn’t be having this conversation. Felix was great. He stayed here and got little support from this organization in getting wins. Got paid a boatload of money. I wish he could have gotten the shot at a [World Series]. Sadly, it hasn’t panned out that way. Thank you for your years and thrills.” — r.g. (July 26)

“It’s a shame to see a truly great Mariner go out this way. He was a good citizen, and he valued his relationship with the franchise and the city. The franchise failed him by not surrounding him with a good enough team on the field to let him experience the playoffs. I wish him nothing but happiness and success in wherever life takes him. He will always be Seattle’s ‘King.’ ” — user1042641 (July 26)

Opinion: What happened to Seattle civility?

“Gentrification is not going to stop, and the distinctive, funky neighborhoods are things of the past. The laid-back ambience of Seattle is also a thing of the past. It will not return.” — ahmedkhan (July 27)

“If Seattle had previously had great drivers, there never would have been Almost Live’s ‘Ballard Driving Academy.’ Ah, the good old days. ;)” — octarine (July 27)


Tim Eyman’s initiative to cut car-tab taxes would cost billions in transportation funding, state says

“My sister, a liberal Democrat, is a transportation engineer for county and state transportation projects and is dismayed at the waste of money. Long meetings where almost nothing gets accomplished, etc. You often see road construction workers standing around a site, watching one person work. When that happens in private business, someone puts a stop to it. When I see my taxes spent efficiently, I’ll take another look at paying more of them.” — user1061599 (July 28)

“Think of infrastructure as a house. If you do regular maintenance, over the long term, the value holds up and costs stay low. If you don’t do any maintenance, you end up with a fixer-upper that has a very low value and will cost much more just to make it livable. This is what has happened to the roads, bridges, etc., here in Washington. Eyman’s initiatives have looked good on paper, but in reality have been devastating to maintenance budgets. This latest one is nothing but the same.” — F124sport (July 28)

Bellevue church’s final gift: $3.6 million for homelessness services on Eastside

“I am glad to see there are still people with such good hearts. They may no longer have their church to meet in, but spiritual faith does not depend upon a physical location. What these people have given will return to them many times over. No, not in money. Unfortunately, money is the only god many people seem to worship these days. Thank you, Grace Lutheran. All blessings on you all.” — This,too,shallpass (July 29)

FYI Guy column: Seattle now most expensive city for renters outside California, census data shows

“What the article fails to mention is how much property taxes have risen in the past 10 years. … I’m all for controlling the rental rates, but taxes and overhead costs go hand in hand with rental rates.” — John Walker (July 30)

“Property taxes still make up for a fairly small percentage of rental apartment costs … compared to overall supply-and-demand factors. So, if it costs the average single-family homeowner a few dollars more to approve of new tax levies, it probably costs the average renter a lot less.” — dtifft (July 30)

Watch: Hundreds of goats escape, tear through Issaquah neighborhood

“Hey, you kids get off my lawn!” — gettingreal (July 31)