The Seahawks weren’t in the Super Bowl this year, but one Seattle leader made an appearance: Police Chief Carmen Best.

A photo of Best is shown 48 seconds into a minute-long commercial for Verizon’s 5G network. The ad honors first responders, with a voice-over saying 5G helps firefighters, officers and rescuers, but “5G won’t replace the courage it takes to run into the fire, it won’t make the decision to become an officer any less selfless, or have any impact on what’s required to put others’ lives before your own. … 5G is going to change a lot of things.”

“But luckily for all of us,” the voice-over says as Best’s photo flashes on the screen, “not everything.”

Police department spokesman Patrick Michaud confirmed Sunday that it was Best’s face shown in the commercial but couldn’t immediately provide further details.

On Monday morning, Best released a statement: “It’s great that Verizon highlighted the work of our first responders during a Super Bowl commercial. I was honored when asked to appear in it just this past week.”

Verizon said Monday that it “created this TV ad to honor the men and women we all rely on, including Chief Best.” The company didn’t elaborate on why Best, specifically, was featured.

Another Seattle face in a Super Bowl ad this year: Bill Nye, former “Almost Live!” performer and current Science Guy, appeared in a commercial for SodaStream.

Seattle Times staff reporter Christine Clarridge contributed to this story.