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The chain reaction started at about 2:25 a.m. when the driver of a 1997 Plymouth Breeze exited I-5 southbound at the Silver Lake rest area. He did a U-turn and got back on the freeway, heading north in the southbound lanes. He drove about a mile-and-a-half on the wrong side of the freeway before he sideswiped two cars near the Broadway exit and came to a halt, blocking most of the southbound lanes.

Cars began stopping for the accident, and that’s when a second series of collisions occurred. A southbound driver rear-ended one of the cars stopped for the accident, then a third car rear-ended that car. One of the drivers involved in that series of rear-end accidents was arrested for a DUI.

No one was seriously injured, but four people went to the hospital. All lanes except the HOV lane were closed for about two hours.