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Sound Transit held groundbreaking ceremonies Friday for a $383 million, 1.6-mile extension of Link light rail from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport to an elevated station at South 200th Street.

It will be named Angle Lake Station, after the small body of water beyond the gas stations, offices and parking lots of International Boulevard South.

Heavy construction is to begin May 7 and will proceed south to north, said spokeswoman Kimberly Reason.

Like the 5-mile elevated section in Tukwila, this trackway will consist of hollow concrete segments that will be raised by a crane, then cinched together to make bridge spans. The work will be done by PCL Civil Constructors, same as in Tukwila.

Sound Transit says the station will open in 2016, and attract 5,400 daily riders. The Capitol Hill and University of Washington stations are to open that year as well,

adding 26,700 daily boardings.

From Angle Lake, passengers should be able to reach a Mariners game in 31 minutes, downtown shopping in 38 minutes, and the UW in 45 minutes, said Julia Patterson, D-SeaTac, a member of the Sound Transit board and Metropolitan King County Council.

SeaTac Mayor Tony Anderson predicted visitors will take pictures of mountain ranges and Puget Sound from the 40-foot-high boarding platform.

“This will provide the residents of Seattle the opportunity they’ve been clamoring for, to get to the great city of SeaTac,” he said half-jokingly to the crowd of 250.

The station was originally supposed to be built before 2006, but high costs in other parts of the system caused delay.

Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., featured speaker at the groundbreaking, said Link will serve 250,000 riders a day. That doesn’t happen until the 2020s, when extensions to Lynnwood, Overlake and Kent are to be completed.

The Angle Lake site will connect to the RapidRide A Line bus, benefiting airport workers who live to the south. There will be a 700-stall park-and-ride garage and 400 surface slots.

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