The baby gorilla was born to first-time mother, Nadiri, in November. Nearly 3,500 people submitted suggestions in a naming contest for the little ape.

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Caretakers of the baby gorilla born at Woodland Park Zoo last November have chosen a name for the infant: Yola.

The zoo announced the name earlier this week. It was among nearly 3,500 citizen suggestions submitted in a naming contest judged by the baby gorilla’s caretakers.

The name means “firefly” in the Hausa language, which zoo staff says matches the baby ape’s “spark” with others in her mother’s den.

Since 4-month-old Yola’s birth, her mother, Nadiri, has not shown strong maternal interest, so zoo staff have been providing constant care for the baby. The two gorillas, however, spend time together daily in the same den.

Zoo staff have not determined when the baby infant will be on exhibit, according to a news release this week.

In the release, Mammal Curator Martin Ramirez said the 20-year-old gorilla has yet to pick up the baby, though she is becoming more comfortable as a mother. Zoo staff remain optimistic in her progress, the release says.

“As the baby becomes more mobile and active, Nadiri’s interest in her is growing, and so is bonding,” Ramirez said.

The new baby was the first gorilla born at the zoo in eight years.