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Sketched April 29, 2015

Bicycles have been on my mind lately —must be all that Pronto riding and National Bike Month coming up— so I couldn’t resist approaching this unique rider when I saw him downtown earlier today.

Jason “Tree Beard” Brian, a 27-year-old who stands six-feet, seven-inches tall, rides a Danish-made bike with the largest front-wheel cargo tray I’ve ever seen. As a full time bike messenger, the contraption is his livelihood. He uses it to carry meals, documents and whatever boxes people need him to haul around the city.

Ever since I sketched “Haulin’ Colin,” I’ve become less skeptical about the usefulness of bikes as means of delivering stuff.

I think the more bicycle-friendly Seattle gets, the more of these cycle couriers we can expect to see out and about.

(Note to the bike community: Keep the nicknames coming. They sure making writing about you guys for fun.)

Extra: I look pretty small next to Brian! Check this photo I posted on Twitter.