Puget Sound Energy advises customers to act quickly if they sense a rotten-egg smell or see telltale signs of a leak.

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An explosion early Wednesday in Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood appears to have resulted from a natural-gas leak.

Puget Sound Energy advises customers on its website to act quickly when a natural-gas leak is suspected, starting with leaving the area.

Leaks often reveal themselves through telltale smells and sights. Here’s what to look for, according to PSE:

• Rotten-egg smell. Gas in its natural state has no odor, but PSE adds a sulfuric smell so it’s detectable. If you’re not familiar with the smell, order a gas-safety brochure from PSE (888-225-5773) with a scratch-and-sniff feature.

• Hissing sound. If a gas line has a large perforation, this can become a very loud roaring sound.

• Bubbles rising or dust blowing up from the ground.

• Dead or dying vegetation in unexpected sites.

Here’s what to do if you suspect a gas leak:

• Leave the vicinity immediately. If you’re indoors, go outside.

• Once you have left the area, call 911 or PSE at 888-225-5773. PSE will dispatch a technician to check the area at no cost.

• Avoid doing anything near the suspected leak that could cause a spark, including flipping a switch.