The King County Sheriff's Office released photos Saturday of items found in Peter Keller's bunker. Sheriff's Sgt. Cindi West also provided a description of some of the inventory.

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The King County Sheriff’s Office released a description of some of the items found in Peter Keller’s bunker. Photos of the inventory can be seen at

• At least a dozen guns, both handguns and rifles

• Two bulletproof vests

• A two-horsepower generator

• A number of large and small propane tanks

• A “very large” rifle scope

• A “very, very large” set of binoculars

• A couple of cans of gas

• Lots of boxes of ammunition, kept in Ziploc bags and stacked in rows

• A bag of medicine, some in Keller’s name and some in his wife’s

• At least one computer, a laptop

• A number of external hard drives

• A car battery

Source: King County

Sheriff’s Office