Inspired by the stomach contents of a dead gray whale that washed up in Seattle a couple years ago, an art professor had created a baby whale from recycled plastic bags.

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BREMERTON — A sculpture makes a statement at Olympic College in Bremerton.

It’s a sculpture of a baby gray whale made out of plastic bags and other recycled materials.

Art professor Marie Weichman told the Kitsap Sun ( she got the idea for the exhibit after hearing about the debris found in the stomach a dead gray whale that washed ashore in Seattle in 2010.

That debris included sweatpants, a golf ball, surgical gloves, small towels, bits of plastic and more than 20 plastic bags, according to reports at the time.

The sculpture became a project for art, marine-science and design students. It goes on display Thursday in the college’s Art Building.

Information from The Seattle Times archives was used in this report.