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You may have seen my name in the paper, where I illustrate stories and do information graphics. Or perhaps you’ve seen my work in my personal blog or the group blog Urban Sketchers. I love to draw everything around me and tell stories with my sketches. Now The Seattle Times, where I’ve worked since 2006, is giving me the opportunity to join its roster of bloggers. I’m grateful and thrilled about the possibilities.

Here I intend to show you the Seattle I see and aim to capture with my pen. Like newspaper artists did in the 19th century before photography became the main way to illustrate stories, I’ll try to offer you a visual report of things I draw on location, from buildings in danger of being demolished, colorful summer festivals and occasional breaking news stories, to seemingly boring everyday moments having tall lattes or hanging out with my family.

I’m still a newcomer to Seattle though, so forgive me if I rave about things you are all used to, like discovering cream puffs at Uwajimaya or being fascinated by float planes. With your input I hope to become a more knowledgeable resident of the Pacific Northwest. I welcome everyone’s comments and hope to get to know you and even meet for a sketchcrawl if you are into drawing.

You may also follow Seattle Sketcher via Twitter, Facebook and Flickr, where you can check out all my past sketches and illustrations I’ve done at the newspaper.