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No tweets from Wazzu players: Vulgar tweets reportedly sent out by some WSU football players have left coach Mike Leach less than pleased, so he’s banned all players from using Twitter or face suspension. Is that legal? Says the coach of the nature of tweets, “… and I don’t care if it says, ‘I love life.’ We’re guessing the Cougs’ 2-5 record this year doesn’t help things either. I wonder what the tweets said. The Spokesman-Reviewhas the story.

Three-year-old boy shot when gun goes off in car: Not another one of these tragic cases. The boy was critically wounded when the gun went off and the bullet struck him in the head Monday night in Sunnyside, southeast of Yakima. There have been several other accidental shootings involving kids in our area this year.

Ahmed Ressam

Would-be millenniumbomber to be sentenced, again. Ahmed Ressam, arrested in Port Angeles all the way back in 1999 for plotting to blow up the L.A. airport, is scheduled today to be sentenced for a third time. Federal prosecutors, seeking longer sentences for Ressam, have appealed the two earlier sentences, claiming Ressam, who had been cooperating with authorities, had stopped and had sabotaged the cases they had built with his help.

Man kills dog for eating a box of doughnuts: You read stories such as this and you wonder why, why, why.A Longview man, 38, is being investigated by the Human Society for bludgeoning his pit bull to death with a sledgehammer for eating the doughnuts. If he wanted to put the dog down, he was asked, why didn’t he take it to the Humane Society. The man said he couldn’t afford it. The Longview Daily News has the story.

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  1. In black churches, a gay-marriage divide:A source of debate across the country and the subject of ballot measures in four states this year, same-sex marriage remains a thorny issue within the African-American community, where objections are deeply rooted in religion and biblical teachings.
  2. Seattle man gets Billy Idol to play his birthday:Michael Henrichsen has ideas about how he might celebrate his 26th birthday this week.
  3. Wahkiakum County sheriff dies of self-inflicted gunshot: The sheriff in southwest Washington has died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, a county spokeswoman said Tuesday.
  4. Former foe now embraces charter schools, campaigns for I-1240:Longtime public-school supporter Lisa Macfarlane once opposed opening charter schools in this state. Now she’s leading the campaign for Initiative 1240, which would allow up to 40 charters here.
  5. Gang, drug, firearms investigation leads to 33 arrests:A three-month investigation into gang violence, and drug and firearms sales in South King County resulted in the arrest of 33 people and the seizure of 28 firearms, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.