With the Seattle area in for another hot spell this week, we’re sharing some resources to help you beat the heat and stay safe.

City and county officials across the region are again offering public cooling spaces. Here’s where to find cooling centers to escape the heat, including where people experiencing homelessness in King County can go.

Check on your friends and neighbors, and make sure you know signs of heat illness and how to avoid it.

If you’re looking to stay cool by natural waterfronts, check out these outdoor recreation options. Here are a few (air-conditioned!) public transit routes to some of Seattle’s bodies of water and spray parks. If you do head to the water to cool off, prepare with these safety tips for lakes, rivers and beaches.

With warm temperatures expected at night, here are 6 ways to sleep cooler.

And if you’re looking for cooling things to eat when it’s way too hot, here are 10 suggestions, plus our recommendations for ice cream and Seattle’s (unofficial) best boba.

If you’ve checked around online for tips to stay cool, you’ve probably come across some curious tricks. We tested a few internet-sourced life hacks, and these are the ones that actually helped beat the Seattle summer heat.