Monday was hot in the Puget Sound region, with temperatures tying the 1992 record for the hottest June 21 in Seattle at 89 degrees. There won’t be much nighttime cooling if the trend continues this week.

Seattle hit the record-tying high at about 5 p.m., according to Reid Wolcott, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service. The only other time the heat came close to the record was in 2004, when temperatures reached 88 degrees, he said.

Temperatures reached 88 in Olympia and 91 near Chehalis by midday Monday.

The overnight low into Tuesday wasn’t expected to drop much below 60 degrees, according to the weather service. That’s several degrees warmer than the usual for this time of year, and it can make things uncomfortable in our region, with its notable lack of air conditioning.

Though things will cool down slightly to the upper 70s Tuesday and Wednesday, temperatures are forecast to start creeping back up by the end of the week. Saturday’s temperatures may even get into the low 90s, forecasts show.

With that in mind, here are a few tips for sleeping cooler when temperatures are high:

  1. Keep the sun outside. Close blinds and drapes completely on the sunny south and west sides of your dwelling, as direct sun can increase the temperature of a room by more than 10 degrees.
  2. Make a batch of mint tea without sweetener. Put it in the fridge and then into a mister. Use it to spray down your face and body.
  3. Put your sheets and pillowcase into the freezer for a few hours, and then make the bed with them.
  4. Put a couple of bottles of frozen water, or a bowl of ice water, in front of the fan that’s aimed at your bed.
  5. Grab some gel ice packs, freeze them, put them in pillowcases and place at strategic points — under your neck, knees, wrists.
  6. Turn off and unplug every electrical appliance you can.


Information from The Seattle Times archive is included in this report.