How to stay safe on the roads when ice or snow are in the weather forecast.

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Winter often brings slick roads to the Puget Sound area. Here are some driving safety tips:

• Make sure you have traction tires with sufficient tread.

• Check weather forecasts and state highway reports.

• Practice fastening tire chains before driving across a mountain pass.

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• Scrape all windows, including corner areas that windshield wipers miss.

• Keep fuel tank full and cellphone charged.

• Carry flares, jumper cables, water, a first-aid kit and other essentials.

• Allow extra room to stop.

• Do not use cruise control.

• Slow down and give extra clearance near chain-up areas, where people are walking or lying on the roadway.

• Avoid overdependence on GPS. Observe the actual street conditions, warnings and closure signs.

• Bridges will be slipperier than surface pavement.

• Avoid driving if possible.

Source: Washington State Department of Transportation, Seattle Department of Transportation, Seattle Times reporting