Expect drier conditions on Tuesday with temperatures creeping back up to the lower to mid 70s.

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Puget Sound temperatures are falling back to normal this week, while Sunday night’s late rain and thunderstorms do not presage a wet streak, according to the National Weather Service in Seattle.

Monday is starting with a few showers and an overcast sky, but the temperatures will be about average for the season. On Tuesday, expect drier conditions with temperatures creeping back up to the low to mid-70s, said meteorologist Dustin Guy.

Wednesday will likely be similar to Tuesday.

“From Tuesday onward, it will look like a typical late June,” said Guy, “with morning clouds and afternoon sun.”

On Thursday, there’s a chance of showers, though it’s “nothing significant,” Guy said. And later in the week, a system could move in, though it’s not “going to be significant or terribly wet.”

As for the rare thunderstorms seen across the region late Sunday, “we’re not going to see a repeat of that soon,” Guy said.