Plenty of myths and legends exist around Western Washington weather: Summer doesn’t start until July 5. Seattle is the rainiest place in the country. We have only two seasons (wet and dry). It’s better to look at the sky than the forecast. We leave the umbrellas for the tourists.

Granted, some of these are true. Sort of. But a few are clearly exaggerations — for instance, while we have a long rainy season, we get far less total rainfall each year than places like Miami and New Orleans.

One thing most of us can agree on, though, is our fascination with the weather. Spectacular storms, regular rain, fog, hail, snow, floods, icy streets, heat-scorched fields and barren riverbeds: we endlessly discuss, dissect and photograph every phenomenon.

With that in mind, we’re launching an effort to tap into your curiosity and help you better understand the weather.

In the module below, tell us what questions you have about the weather in this region — whether that’s Seattle and nearby cities and towns, Puget Sound, Western Washington or even the Pacific Northwest in general. We’ll choose a handful and hunt down the answers.

Weather curiosities