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A westerly wind will bring a brief reprieve from the heat and haze that hovered over the Seattle area on Monday and into Tuesday.

In addition to blowing away the smoke from wildfires in Central Washington and Oregon, the change in wind direction will also bring cooler temperatures to the region — at least temporarily.

“We have a weak system approaching from the west which will just brush by us and cool temperatures down before it gets back to business as usual,” National Weather Service meteorologist Dustin Guy said Tuesday morning.

Later on Tuesday, the Weather Service modified its forecast, saying the haze could stick around all day until winds pick up in the afternoon or evening.

Meteorologist Steve Reedy said the smoke had mixed with the air all the way down to the ground and the onshore airflow “was not getting as far inland” as forecasters initially expected.

Air quality has dipped to unhealthy levels in some parts of the region.

When it arrives, however, the mild onshore breeze is expected to lower temperatures on the coast by as much as 25 degrees on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday, said Guy. Seattleites won’t feel the real cool-down until Wednesday and Thursday, when highs are predicted to reach the mid-70s.

Monday’s high at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport was in the upper 80s and Tuesday’s will likely be in the mid-80s, Guy said.

Guy said that after Thursday, temperatures are expected to begin climbing back up and could reach the 90s next week. From the end of this week through next week, it just looks “warm and dry,” he said.

“If you’re a fan of the cooler weather, enjoy it while you can because we will be back in the 80s when the weekend arrives,” Guy said.