If you didn’t get them before, you probably now understand all the jokes about “Juneuary” and how summer doesn’t really start in the Puget Sound region until July 5 or later.

Tuesday started wet with steady rain that transitioned to showers in the afternoon, with temperatures reaching no higher than about 62 degrees, said Matthew Cullen, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Seattle.

Temperatures on Wednesday and Thursday will warm up to perhaps 70 degrees, with clouds in the morning and a mix of sun, clouds and showers in the afternoon, Cullen said.

“You get a couple of warm days,” Cullen said, “and then it’s back to reality.”

Indeed, by Friday, another weather system is forecast to move into the region, bringing heavier rain and cooler temperatures, he said.

“Friday and Saturday look to be pretty wet, with highs back down to the lower 60s,” said Cullen, who noted he’s heard the old chestnut about “Juneuary” several times over the past week.

It’s “not out of the ordinary” around here for so-called spring showers to last into mid-July and even August before warmer, summery days finally kick in, he said.

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