The National Weather Service’s Seattle office is predicting sunny skies and 80-plus-degree temperatures over the Memorial Day weekend.

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Fire up those barbecues. The sun will be back for the holiday weekend.

Or so says the National Weather Service’s Seattle office, which sees nothing but sunny skies for Seattle this weekend.

“When we get into the weekend, we’ll be looking at pretty much a carbon copy of what we saw yesterday,” meteorologist Dustin Guy said early Tuesday.

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For anyone who was paying attention, Monday ushered in 83 degrees on the thermometer — the highest temperature recorded so far this year at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

Things are expected to cool off Tuesday, Guy said, with “a strong marine push” shoving high winds into the Puget Sound region. That will mean a wind advisory for the Strait of Juan de Fuca and a breezy Wednesday night in Seattle, with mercury levels expected to dip into the low- to mid-60s on Wednesday, he said.

“But for the most part, it will be dry, marine air with high clouds,” Guy said, “with maybe a few showers in the mountains.”

Temperatures will start climbing back up into the 70s on Thursday and Friday, before peaking in the low 80s on Saturday and Sunday, Guy said. Come Monday — Memorial Day — temperatures will dip back into the high 70s, Guy said.

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