The old Seattle joke that summer doesn’t really start until after the Fourth of July looks to be playing out again this year.

Though there’s no high-pressure ridge or 90-degree day in sight, that marine layer that’s keeping things on the cool side will begin to dissipate as the week wears on, says meteorologist Mike McFarland of the National Weather Service in Seattle.

“We’ll be in the soup today, Wednesday and Thursday, with lots of marine flow,” he said Tuesday morning about the layer of gray between us and the sun. “Tomorrow morning doesn’t look great, either, but today is probably as bad as it’ll get.”

Temperatures will warm up in the afternoons, with highs climbing from the mid-60s into the low to mid-70s on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and most of next week, according to the weather service.

Wednesday will see mostly cloudy skies in the late afternoon and early evening, with temperatures in the low to mid-60s, said NWS meteorologist Johnny Burg Tuesday evening.

“It will slowly warm up each day until the weekend, when we will have enough sun to please everybody,” McFarland said.


Both Saturday and Sunday should be mainly warm, sunny and dry, with a possible exception of some scattered showers near the Cascades, Burg added.

McFarland said it has not been uncommon lately for the Puget Sound region to get a couple of 90-degree days in early July, but that’s not going to happen this year.

“We’ve had some warm summers,” he said. “Maybe we’re overdue for a cool one and we’ll have to wait for the second week of July this year for a hot day.”

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