It’s not going to be the warmest spring weather on record, but it’s sure going to be nice, says the National Weather Service.

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Yes, it’s going to be sunny and beautiful until Sunday evening, according to the weather service, and now’s the time to be making outdoor weekend plans.

Whether you want to hike, work in the garden or just lie outside with a book, it’s a perfect time to do so, said Andy Haner of the National Weather Service in Seattle.

“Do something outside,” Haner said. “This is not the weekend to be inside cleaning the dark basement.”

While it’s neither the warmest nor the earliest spring on record, highs of 69 to 70 degrees are predicted for Friday, with temperatures in the low to mid-60s on Saturday and Sunday, Haner said.

“We’ll see more clouds on the weekend than we’ve seen for the last day or two, but there’s no rain in the Seattle area until Sunday night,” he said.

On Wednesday, the temperature at Sea-Tac Airport was 68 degrees, 4 degrees shy of the record high of 72 degrees set in 1995, he said.

Nevertheless, we are running a bit warmer than is typical, he said. Usually, temperatures in the Puget Sound area begin to reach the 70s in mid-April.

“The season has definitely changed,” he said.