After a forecasted atmospheric river unleashed an unofficial haiku showdown among West Coast National Weather Service branches and other weather poetry aficionados on Twitter, we asked readers to send us their own rainy weather haikus.

Our inbox was flooded with an atmospheric river of creativity. One reader even taught us a new word, using it to describe our hesitancy toward umbrellas. “It’s our Weltanschauung,” wrote Paul Nuchims. Weltanschauung refers to an apprehension, usually one stemming from a specific standpoint.

We received more than 100 submissions and narrowed down our favorites. Now, we need your help to crown a winner.

Thank you Times readers,
for weather Haikus galore!
Now, choose our winner.

Here are the haikus from our top 10 finalists, in no particular order. Cast your vote by 5 p.m. Sunday in the form below.

  1. A river of rain?
    Another new way to say:
    It’s that time of year.

    – David Takami
  2. Soggy Seattle
    Falling leaves, pumpkins floating
    Beware wet Sasquatch

    – Melissa Dismuke
  3. Don’t like rain? Cry me
    an atmospheric river.
    This is Seattle!

    – Anonymous
  4. Leaves on maple roots
    beyond the trailhead of dreams.
    Coffee lights the way.

    – Ed Leach
  5. Symphony of rain
    Oratorio of wind
    Fall’s concert begins

    – Peter Breysse
  6. What’s the forecast say?
    “Atmospheric River” due.
    Let’s go back to bed. 

    – Marcie Sims
  7. Weatherman said rain
    I’m bailing out my basement
    My yard is a swamp

    – Anonymous
  8. Gray skies and white peaks
    Fat raindrops splatter the roof
    Still, I play outside

    – Michael Cook
  9. rain falls on my hood
    wet percussive symphony
    wind howls its applause

    – Tamara Scarlett-Lyon
  10. River in the sky
    We are pebbles underneath
    We sprout Gore Tex moss

    – Mike Robinson