Well, that was fast.

While fall is officially still more than a month away, geese are migrating, leaves are browning and we’re getting autumnal temperatures right now in the Seattle metropolitan area.

“For those of you saying it felt like fall out there today you are exactly right,” meteorologist Dana Felton of the National Weather Service in Seattle said on Twitter.

Tuesday’s high of 68 degrees is the normal high temperature for Seattle between Sept. 26 through Sept. 28, he said. In fact, Tuesday was the coolest day in over two months.

Felton isn’t saying there won’t be any more hot days this year, but historical records show the chances are getting slim.

“In Seattle only 11 percent of the 90-degree-plus days on record have occurred after Aug. 17,” Felton said.

Seattle started summer with a record-shattering heat wave of triple-digit temperatures, followed by “a pretty normal July,” said Felton. Although we had highs in the 90s at the end of July, the warmest day during the first three weeks was 82 degrees.


August has been warm, with the first 15 days going down as the second-warmest for that period on record, Felton said.

But things are about to change. The highs on Wednesday and Thursday are expected to be close to 78 degrees once the morning fog dissipates. On Friday, an upper-level trough from the north will settle in, bringing cooler temperatures and a slight chance of rain.

The weekend will bring partly cloudy days with a slight chance of rain and highs in the lower to mid-70s.