This beautiful spring day turned out to be the warmest day we’ve had in more than six months, according to the National Weather Service in Seattle.

Maybe you could tell. Even if you’ve been cooped up after the governor’s stay-home order, the sun was streaming through your window, the birds were singing and the plants have burst into green.

Throughout the Puget Sound region on Thursday, temperatures reached the mid-60s, about 2 to 3 degrees warmer than Wednesday.

The high hit 67 degrees at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport as of 4 p.m., marking the warmest day since the area reached 69 degrees on Sept. 26, 2019, said weather-service meteorologist Matthew Cullen.

We’ve crept into the 60s just a few times since then, with a handful of October days reaching the low to mid-60s and a day in early January with a high of 62, Cullen said.

Temperatures are predicted to drop a few degrees on Friday, down to about 63 in Seattle, with continued onshore breezes and increasing clouds in the afternoon and evening, Cullen said. By Friday night, a weak system will bring increasing cloud cover, temperatures in the 50s and a chance of rain in the mountains that will last through Saturday, Cullen said.


The skies will likely be clear and sunny again by Sunday afternoon, Cullen said.

So, enjoy this weather while it lasts — but safely.

It’s OK to go outside as long as you stay far away from other people and don the proper gear. Otherwise, you risk infecting yourself or others — not to mention a potential social-media shaming, or a neighbor calling the authorities to report a COVID criminal.

To keep residents from breaking distancing orders and crowding into the city’s green spaces this weekend, Seattle is closing more than a dozen of its largest and most popular parks. The city will close 14 parks Friday evening and keep them closed until early Monday morning, Parks Superintendent Jesús Aguirre said Thursday.

“Over the past week, we’ve seen high numbers of folks in some of our most popular parks and really believe this has created a serious health and safety threat in our community,” he said.

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