And it's likely to be pretty warm, too. Here are all the details.

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It’s been more than a decade since we celebrated a completely dry Halloween in the Seattle area, according to the National Weather Service.

But that’s what is predicted for All Hallows’ Eve on Tuesday.

“Well, the kids will be happy,” meteorologist Dana Felton said. “Maybe they can trick or treat a little longer.”

It was 2006 the last time we had a fully dry Halloween, and the past three years were super wet, Felton said.

In 2014, we got about two-thirds of an inch of rain on Oct. 31. On Halloween in 2015, we had record rainfall with 1.3 inches, and last year it was two-thirds of an inch again, Felton said.

But not only will it be dry this year, it will not get too cold, either, with a predicted daytime high of 58 degrees and an expected temperature of about 50 degrees right after sundown when folks are most likely to be going door to door.

Tuesday is likely to be our last dry day for a while, though. By Wednesday, there will be a chance of showers, and the temperature will begin to drop into the upper 40s by the weekend, a temperature we haven’t seen since March, Felton said.

Rain is likely on Thursday, and there will be a chance of showers on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Felton said.

Despite what seemed like a drier and sunnier than usual October, we still got more rain than average with 4.8 inches, compared with the normal 3.48 inches. Last October, we had already recorded 10.05 inches at this time.