Sure, the birds are chirping and the sun has been spotted, but there are still many damp, cold days to be endured. A weather service meteorologist, trying not to be a downer, advises us to "get out and enjoy the sun," but not to get our hopes up too high.

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Don’t get too excited about hearing the birds chirp and seeing the first buds of green on trees.

It is starting to feel like spring, and meteorologically, we are much less likely to see any true winter weather from here out.

But, as one forecaster at the National Weather Service in Seattle likes to say, the more accurate names for the four seasons around here are: summer, fall, winter and … disappointment.

That’s because the weather we’re likely to see over the next few days — chances of showers, a bit of sun, a little warmth in the day and cooler nights — could last for the next three months.

“We think of the 21st of March as spring,” said weather service meteorologist Jay Albrecht. “That’s the equinox when the length of the night and day is equal. But meteorologically, spring starts around the beginning of March.”

That’s when we start to see a definite warmup in temperatures, hear birds chirping, see the first green buds on the bushes and trees and, perhaps, spot a robin or two, he said.

“But one thing I’ve learned is that we do not have too many springs that have just taken off and gotten warm,” Albrecht said. “We’ll see signs of spring in February and March and April, May and June. We’ll see the same temperatures in June that we do in March.

“Our spring is slow and long. It’s a tease.”

Starting it off, we can expect to see scattered showers in the afternoon and evening on Friday, with some sun and some scattered showers both Saturday and Sunday, with each day being slightly drier than the one before, Albrecht said.

Highs will be in the mid to upper 40s, and overnight lows will be in the upper 20s to the mid 30s, he said.

Looking forward, Albrecht said there could be a weak system passing by on Monday that could bring a little more shower activity, but Tuesday is likely to be warmer and drier.

The extended forecast indicates the next couple of weeks, however, are likely to be cooler than normal, he said.

“I guess the message is, get out and enjoy the sun when you get it,” he said, and otherwise settle in for the long, slow haul.