You can put your raincoat away for most of the weekend and next week as we enjoy a reprieve from the rainy weather — but don’t pack away your windbreaker.

A cool, dry air mass will be moving in over the Puget Sound region after a short spell of light rain on Friday that is expected to “scoot out of here quickly,” according to meteorologist Dustin Guy with the National Weather Service of Seattle.

That should get us through to the end of the month, he said, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be short-sleeve weather.

“Basically, Friday will be our only non-dry day,” said Guy, “but it won’t be warm.”

Friday’s rain, likely to hit the Seattle area around noon, will be accompanied by a high that’s close to 50 degrees and winds of about 15 to 25 miles per hour. Gusts on Friday afternoon and evening could reach 25 to 35 mph, he said.

It will warm up slightly Saturday, but it could feel colder because the wind direction will shift from south-southwest to northerly, said Guy.


Highs on Sunday and for most of next week are expected to be in the mid- to low-50s with overnight lows dropping into the 30s, he said. Some areas could see overnight freezing temperatures.

The dry air mass responsible for the sunny forecast is also the sort that can make static electricity noticeable if you “walk barefoot on the carpet and touch a doorknob,” he said.

Guy said it looks as if October, which is historically a month of transition between the dry season and the rainy one, could end dry.

“October is a significant transition month with us ramping up to the wet season, but it looks like we’ll close out the month with it relatively benign,” he said.