An expected three-day stretch of highs in the 70s will be a treat for Seattle-area residents. But will it last?

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The next couple days should feel perfectly normal to Seattleites, that is, if it were the middle of July.

That’s how the National Weather Service in Seattle is describing the unusual string of warm days we’re getting this week.

On Tuesday, the high is expected to reach 73 degrees at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, and on Wednesday, it’s predicted to reach 74 degrees before leaping another five degrees on Thursday to hit a nearly sweltering high of 79.

“This weather would be normal for the second week of July,” said meteorologist Dustin Guy. “People who’ve been here for a considerable amount of time will know that.”

However, the early warmth appears to be something that’s becoming more common, he said.

Guy said that if you go back and look at the area’s climate record for the past 74 years (when record-keeping at Sea-Tac began), you would find that we did not reach 75 at all during the year’s fourth month nearly 60 percent of the time. If the high does hit 75 or greater over the next three days, that will mean we’ve hit that milestone four out of the last six Aprils, he said.

Unlike some native and adoptive Pacific Northwesterners who love the chill, gray rain, Guy is a warm-weather lover who spent time in Arizona and found that the heat doesn’t bother him.

“I don’t mind it at all,” he said. “I feel like we paid our dues during the first half of this month.”

Only a week ago, the high was a mere 47 degrees, just two degrees lower than Tuesday’s low of 49 degrees,  he said.

For those who are wondering — and worrying — about whether the current stretch of warm days predicts an extra-hot summer, Guy said not to stress unduly.

Yes, the overall outlook for June, July and August suggests the peak of summer will be warmer and dryer than average, but it’s not related to the short-term forecast, he said.

In any case, this week’s warm spell will end by Friday with a return to cooler temperatures.

“Jump on it,” Guy said, “because things will come to a screeching halt on Friday.”