What a ripoff!

Fog and smoke combined, it seemed, to cheat us out of an expected week of glorious sun, blue skies and highs near 80. And we probably won’t get to make it up, according to the National Weather Service in Seattle.

“The wrench in the forecast was the smoke and the fog,” weather service meteorologist Carly Kovacik said Friday morning.

Thanks to a ridge of high pressure in the upper atmosphere, lower-level moisture near the surface and a low-lying October sun, the fog that usually takes only a couple hours to burn off is now taking all day, she said.

At least, Kovacik said, there’s no real rain in the forecast until late next week. Having a dry first week of October is relatively rare in the Seattle area; it has happened only 12 times in the 75 years of weather records recorded at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

But the weekend and most of next week look to be about the same as what we’ve had most of this week: lingering fog that burns off slightly by afternoon.

“I think the fog will clear out by early afternoon or the latter portion of the day,” Kovacik said Friday.


But once it does, there’s a chance the smoke from California wildfires that’s blanketed the Puget Sound region since Tuesday night will still be there, she said. “It’ll be a surprise.”

This round of smoke, caught high in the atmosphere, has not had the devastating impact on air quality we saw at the beginning of September, when wildfires blazed in Oregon, Washington and California. But it’s still between us and the golden orb, blocking heat and light on what might be our last chance for warmth until spring.

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