Statistically, rain is more common on Nov. 19 in the Pacific Northwest than on any other day. And that will hold true this year — just barely.

Since the 1890s, when regular weather recording began in Seattle, it has rained 93 times on Nov. 19, or 74% of the time, according to the National Weather Service in Seattle.

The 0.29 inch of precipitation recorded at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on Tuesday morning is about all we’re likely to get today, according to the weather service.

That’s a relief for people already feeling the effects of The Big Dark, a nickname that’s been used by some meteorologists at the weather service office to describe Seattle’s winter. Even those without seasonal depression can find themselves craving sunshine when the days here get shorter.

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Once the Tuesday morning showers clear, it’s going to be dry and sunny, with blue skies and highs in the 50s, according to the weather service.

Meteorologist Dana Felton said it may be foggy in the mornings Wednesday through Friday, but each morning will be less foggy than the one before.

By about Saturday evening, a new weather system will move into the area, bringing a return of the rain that recently earned Seattle the ranking of “gloomiest city” in the nation.

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