Here are the chances cloud cover could ruin your view of the most anticipated celestial event in a generation.

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Seattle residents hoping for unobstructed views of next week’s solar eclipse¬†are in luck. Weather forecasters expect clear skies and light winds in the Seattle area¬†early Monday.

The total eclipse, the first since 1979, will cross the United States in a roughly 70-mile-wide path of totality, beginning near Depoe Bay, Ore., and ending near Charleston, S.C.

[Traffic forecast? Already bad. Eclipse traffic is heavy in central Oregon.]

The crowds traveling to Oregon to experience the eclipse can also expect a clear view of the sky, said Diane Coonfield, National Weather Service meteorologist. Forecasters say skies will be clear from Pendleton to the Willamette Valley, with light winds and high temperatures in the upper 70s.

Smoke from wildfires in Eastern Oregon and in the Willamette National Forest may create hazy skies, but only areas near the fires will be affected, Coonfield said.

Residents of coastal Oregon might also miss out on direct views of the event. Forecasters with the National Weather Service in Portland are predicting a 60 percent cloud cover Monday morning.